Here you have some typical dishes that are part of the Latin American history and culture. Before starting, we need to clarify that “chili con carne” is not a Latin American dish. In fact, this delicious dish was originated in Texas, US, by the Mexicans living there. The following dishes are truly original from Latin lire la suite →

Do you wish to discover real Scotland? Here’s a celebration in which you’ll be able to enjoy a warm atmosphere.  What is Burns Night? It’s a Scottish celebration that takes place every 25th January. It commemorates Robert Burns’ birthday. Who was Robert Burns? He was an 18th-century poet, who has remained so dear to the hearts of lire la suite →

Some worldwide known brands have become part of the Hispanic world and they are used on a daily basis. Here are seven Spanish expressions using different brand names with a funny or moral meaning. What is your favorite one?   1 ) « Se cree la última Coca Cola del desierto » Coca-cola is one of the lire la suite →

I am sure you would agree that nothing screams ready for the holidays like Christmas carols! Just like everywhere in the world, Christmas traditions are big in Hispanic cultures. A Latin American (especially Mexican) tradition calls for the novena or posada, the nine nights before Christmas Day when people meet with their friends and loved lire la suite →

It’s that time of year again! The air is filled with cheer and everyone is getting into the Christmas spirit, some people have already started putting up decorations and you can hear the serenade of Christmas carols on the street as people go about their business. Soon, Santa Claus will be coming to town bearing lire la suite →

Are you sure about colours? Learning languages is not only about linguistics, but also re-learning the world. Colours are a good example of that. If you are learning Spanish, you can be white or red, turn black or purple, turn others green, and always become blue. None of these expressions have anything to do with lire la suite →

As you most propably know, there is quite a difference between what you learn in language classes and what is really used in normal conversations. Here are some words they will not teach you in class, that will help you become more of a native speaker and understand some specific situations. « Vale » is used to lire la suite →

From the moist , humid rainforest in the Amazon, the smoky volcanoes, the delicate air over Andean peaks to the wondrously vast Patagonian glaciers. South America is packed with a wide array of grandiose landscapes. Consequently, it is a continent of superlatives; it boasts some of the world’s largest glaciers, most expansive jungles, driest desert lire la suite →