Children’s brain’s are like sponges. They capacity to memorise even the littlest information is mesmerizing. They are very sensitive to their environment. From the womb, they can perceive sounds. They can feel a special song that their mothers used to play when they were still in vitro. They can recognise their mothers voices among a group of people. In other words they are very sensitive to sounds. So teach them early !

Reason number one : It is good for their brains

Children can learn up to 4 languages until the age of four. They will naturally know how to differentiates them too. Starting early will help them sound more native. It will also improve their cognitive development. Try to make it playful, especially with toddlers who are willing to try everything. Music is a great way to get your child attention, the louder the better. Here are some examples of songs to try:

Johnny, Johnny yes papa 

Twinkle, twinkle little star

Los pollitos 

Wheels on the bus in Portuguese 


Bilingual children are more creative. They will be more likely to find different ways to solve a problem which will help with their mental flexibility. So help them by reading books with them, choose a topic that will likely get them more involved in their learning. Try personalised books as well, with the name of your child and their picture. It will work wonders with their self confidence.

Academic learning

Did you know that bilingual children are performing better in schools ? Research shows that their academic abilities are higher than their unilingual peers. Bilingual children are more independent and more mentally flexible.

4. Teaching a child a new language help them appreciate their native language more.

When learning a new language, it will open doors to other cultures which will have a positive impact on their social skills. They will also appreciate their native language by helping their friends in schools .

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