Nowadays there are plenty of wedding styles, from the classic ones following all the wedding traditions to the original ones. However, no matter how modern and conceptual you have imagined it, some wedding traditions are a must no one can escape from. Some of them can be surprising for foreigners but the charm behind each custom is always about love and luck regardless of the side of the world where we are celebrating. 


1. Italy’s calendar wedding traditions

italian wedding

Italy has specific traditional days for weddings. During holidays is not uncommon to see a wedding happening on weekdays except on a Friday. Getting married on a Friday is considered to bring bad luck. Outside holidays, couples usually choose a Sunday for their wedding day. Saturdays are reserved for widows marrying for a second time. 

Now that the date is chosen you must get your colors and accessories right. Traditionally, the night before the ceremony, the bride wears green to bring her and her groom good luck. Finally, to walk down the aisle, the bride will cover her head with a veil to ward off “bad spirits”. After all of this, they should have luck for the rest of their life. 


2. Austrian chaos

austrian chaos

In Austria, evil spirits are taken seriously. And when it comes to the bride’s sleep, unless you are the sleeping beauty you can’t miss your alarm. Indeed, on the morning of the wedding day, traditions in the upper region of Salzkammergut required the bride to be woken up early. To do so, you can use everything tools around including gunshots and firecrackers. Moreover, the bride can start to get ready in peace because outside neighbors and friends are in charge of creating chaos to frighten off evil spirits. 


3. Nigeria’s wedding fashion show 


Some women have dreamed about their wedding dress since they were little girls. Well, in Nigeria they can dream about many. Indeed, all along the ceremony day, the couple will change costumes several times as part of the customary wedding traditions. On one or multiple days the couple will attend different ceremonies that require new vibrant ancestral rooted costumes. Fabric and color consistency is key, with the bride and the groom setting a matching dress-code agenda even for their guests too. 


4. Russian kidnapping

russian kidnapping

Dowry may seem old-fashioned in today’s world but in some countries, they remain a key part of the wedding traditions. For instance Russia. However, Russians have turned it into a comedy. The expensive dowry for the bride is paid right before the day of the ceremony in the form of a ransom.  What happens is that the bride is kidnapped by her parents and the groom must take her back by paying the ransom and completing a set of challenges created especially for him. It is said they are a way for him to show his love but in the end, they are obstacles made to embarrass him. If the tasks can’t be completed, the groom will pay the bridesmaids in flowers, chocolate, and cash. There’d better not be too many of them.


5. Mexico flowery traditions

mexican tradition

Mexico doesn’t use the lasso only for animals but also for couples. The wedding Lazo is a common ritual. The godparents, chosen for their experience and strength in their relationship, must loop the couple’s shoulder after the wedding vows. This lazo represents love and unity. It’s made of a string of flowers or rosary beads. What a beautiful blessing. 


6. UK’s five

UK five things

You may already have heard about this English folklore wedding tradition to bring good luck to the couple. It lies in one sentence the bride must “wear something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue and a silver sixpence in her shoe”. Each piece has its meaning. The old object will bless the bride’s future baby, good luck will come from something borrowed from a happy bride, and the new item will bring a bright future to the couple. The blue color is a symbol of fidelity and the coin is a wish for prosperity. Now, let’s try to match all of those things with the dress. 


7. Indian art customs

Indian traditions henne

Indians have a few wedding traditions related to art. One of the beautiful customs involves the bride receiving henna designs on both her hands and feets the day before the wedding. Some of them are made by a married woman in the family. Those patterns are full of blessings and meanings but one more virtu is to calm down the bride’s stress. In some regions of India and Bangladesh, the brides are also drenched in turmeric powder for antioxidant and anti-aging virtues. 


8. Netherlands’ tree for luck

wishes tree

Dutch weddings are about nature. No more old guests book that will get lost and dusty in the library. In the Netherlands, traditions prefer a wishing tree. Guests will write little notes of good wishes for the couple and hang them from a literal tree branch or small potted tree. This way you can enjoy reading them often as the tree grows. And so, until the wish is realized and gone. 


9. Greek wedding traditions

greek weddings

Greek people have quite uncommon customs to fight evil spirits. The main one consists in spitting on the newlywed couple to protect them all day. Of course, the guests won’t really spit on them but will fake to with their mouths. They can do it up to three-time for the best of luck.

In many western traditions, the first dance is reserved for the bride and the groom. In Greece, this rule applies also for the last dance of the night. This is when the couple will get money gift pinned on their clothes. Hopefully, no guests have had to leave earlier and the song is longest of all. 

Greek have even more traditions. 


Weddings are very personal and the traditions probably make it even more special. Who would refuse a bit of luck for this new step of their life? If some customs may look silly they will certainly turn into great pictures and videos, and funny memories. Be aware though that you may end with many (too many) memories when you are attending certain types of traditional weddings because of their length. If you ever feel tired think about the bride and the groom who probably have woken up way earlier than you, 

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