Being the best often seems to be a never-ending journey. So, how can a country be considered the best country in the world?! Especially, in 2020 and when studies and History have shown us many times that it’s impossible to have everyone agreeing on the same thing.  If you then add egos, fear, and patriotism the mission to determine the best country of all is nearly impossible. This is why two rankings don’t look the same! The variables, criteria, timeframe, and figures are different which then leads to different results. However, with a very open-minded and a large-scale approach to the topic, the following ranking was made for the top seven best countries of 2020. 


  1. The United States, not far from the top

United states close to the top

The United States of America is well-known to only chase the top positions in everything! With multiple gold champions, the best universities in the world, and its large strong economy, you may be wondering who could compete with them? Since they are not number 1, they may be the most powerful country in the world but they still have room from improvement. However, it must be acknowledged that when it comes to business Americans are never ranked the last. n° 3 in entrepreneurship and 4 in cultural influence in 2020 are far from being bad rankings! 


  1. United-Kingdom in the chase


2020 has not been an easy year for the British, especially with the departure from the European Union. However, the United Kingdom is a proud country that has always found a way to get back on its feet. This tenacity is probably the reason why the British manage to hold on to their top spot in the ranking of the best country in the world. British entrepreneurship remains among the best as well as its cultural influence ranked n°5. 


  1. Australia in the top 5

Australia top 5

The top 5 of the best countries in the world in 2020 starts with another English-speaking country. From the other side of the world, Australia does not fail to impress with its attractive quality of life. In a country where it’s sunny most of the year how could someone remain unhappy?! The Australian economy is strong and the past decade has seen its cultural influence grow. It may not be the best country yet, but it does have a promising future in the rankings. Why? because Australia is already ranking in the top 10 in many areas such as tourism, education, and good retirement location. 


  1. Germany leads the way

Germany leads the way

Germany often scores high in many rankings each year! 2020 is not an exception. At the doorstep of the top 3, German entrepreneurship is considered one of the best models to follow in the European Union. In the business world, Germany often rimes with power. The strength of this country lies in its leader Angela Merkel, one of the most respected and admired leaders in the world.  


  1. Japan in the top 3

Japan top 3

On the podium for the best country in the world, you have the highest-ranked Asian country: Japan. Compared to the USA, Japan is the size of only one state. However, its business power and its cultural influence are anything but small. Japan is present in many areas and it is just quite logical that its time has come to thrive. The Japanese economy can not necessarily compete with many others on the paper. But, it’s still an example of how far a country can go with a strong national identity and sense of patriotism. 


  1. Canada in silver

Canada in silver

Canada is a regular of the second place (in a positive way). Not only it’s the second-largest country in the world but it is also ranked n°2 in the corporate world in 2020. Indeed, Canada is said to be the best place to build a company’s headquarters. Outside the doors of the office, the weather is often cold but it does not mean that life is not sweet. When it comes to the quality of life, Canadians and foreigners will tell you: it’s one of the very few “perfect” places to live… if you don’t mind a bit of snow now and then. 


  1. Switzerland, surprising? 

Switzerland thz best country in the world

After 2017, 2018, 2019, Switzerland is considered to be the best country in the world again in 2020 again. No matter what industry you are looking at, it seems that you will always see Switzerland somewhere at the top of the rankings. There are only a few areas where Switzerland does not excel in. And not many people are able to name them. On the other hand, who could argue that Switzerland citizenship is not a beautiful example to follow. Economically-speaking, Swiss companies are masters in avoiding economic wars. This white flag History is probably what brings them to the top! 


You know now which countries did the best in 2020 according to some global opinion data. The ranking goes further than that and can sometimes be quite surprising. Some countries, used to be on the bottom have made their way to higher ranks thanks in particular to better business. But, as the ranking implies, money is not all that matters. People’s positive or negative opinions depend very much on the quality of life. This explains why, many African, South Asian, and Latin countries are moving up but very slowly. 

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