Summer is a much-needed break for many children and families, especially after months of quarantine for many of us. Right now, the urge to get out and enjoy the summer is real. It is time for us to make the most of the summer. But what exactly could we do during the holiday season? Despite the grey sky from time to time,  there are many more activities to do in summer in the UK than you might think. 


1. Watching a movie at an open-air summer cinemaOpen-air summer cinema in the UK      

Outdoor movies are truly a unique summer experience for people of all ages. It gives people one more reason to come together in a beautiful setting to enjoy the summertime while immersing themselves in the America of the 1950s. Openings of drive-ins and open-air cinemas have increased in all parts of the UK.  Just imagine, warm evening, cold lemonade, good company and a raft of cult movies outdoors or in a comfortable car. It’s the occasion for moviegoers to get back to the big screen.


2. Taking a summer break in a remote cabin

Summer break in a remote cabinNature is the best source of energy and inspiration. Summer is the perfect opportunity to recharge and reconnect with your loved ones and your environment, and to discover the essence of life. A long walk in the forest, a picnic at the lake, a board game with friends, and, of course, a cup of iced chocolate sound like a perfect plan. You can easily choose and book any remote cabin even with a fireplace to keep you warm on the so British rainy days. If you’re tired of big-city life, then this is the perfect type of holiday for you

You can easily book your cabin here.


3. Go kayaking in the summer early morning

Kayak activitiesKayaking is one of those classic activities that puts you right in the center of nature and provides an excellent workout. It is a great activity for enthusiasts of all levels. It can be a wonderful way to quietly discover the shallow waters at the edge of a lake or an exciting high-energy sport to race along rushing waters. Hiring a kayak, canoe or paddleboard has already become a popular and trendy way to spend time outdoors in the UK all year and even more in summer. 


4. Go camping in the vastness of the UK

Camping in the UKYou may not realize how scarce fresh air is in your daily life. When you go camping, you get the wondrous scents of the outdoors, as well as the smell of dinner cooking over an open fire. Falling asleep with a view of the stars, singing songs with a guitar, and many more other benefits. There’s no place to be at a certain time, and there’s nothing interrupting you or competing for your attention. The natural outcome of this type of setting is stress reduction and relaxation like you can’t find anywhere else.


5. Go golfing for the whole day

Golf in summerGolf on a warm, summer day with your pals on a lovely course, you can hardly do better, can you?  Renowned for bringing people together, golf is a sport that is suitable for all ages and all abilities. Exercising while socializing, focusing while relaxing, challenging while calming, this summer activity seems quite appealing. Honestly, have you never wish to wear this beautiful polo and cap and to drive the tiny white car? 


6. Go shopping in a summer pop-up market

Pop-up marketOutdoor trading, summer fairs as well as on-street dining and drinking during the warmer summer months it is what you may have been waiting for. What can be better than having a fresh smoothie under the sun while shopping with a friend in an authentic pop-up store? Who knows what treasure you can find at pop-up markets. Check the weather, call your best friend, and spend a perfect summer day.


7. Become a tourist for a day in your own town

Become a touristWhen you live somewhere long enough, it stops being an interesting destination and becomes the surrounding area where you buy groceries and get your car services. During the summer, many people tend to forget that beauty is sometimes just around the corner.  Treat your hometown like a new-to-you destination. Tour your city’s local landmarks. Is your city known for its fountains? Parks? Boardwalks? Or a variety of museums? Take a day — or a few consecutive weekends — to tour your area’s notable attractions.

Here you can find all London attractions that are waiting for you.


Summer in the UK has never been this interesting., and those are only a few options. There is more. It’s true that you may not have a bright sun on a clear blue sky every day. However, this should not be an excuse to get bored at home. Try to make the most of the season around the British towns and there’s no doubt that your summer will be marvelous.  

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