Spring is not only about the come back of sunny days, but it also rimes with spring holidays and festivals. If most of them take place during summer, Spring marks the beginning of the festival season. With some major gatherings around the world and months full of celebrations and bank holidays, who can not love spring?! Depending on your culture, you may not be familiar with all the spring celebrations. However, there are some must-know ones. 


  1. Holi Festival

holi festival

Date: March 28th 2021

Have you ever heard of the Color fest? It’s an event taking place in many countries consisting of throwing colored powder at one another. In India, the same happens in March except that it’s called Holi. Holi is one of the major spring festivals of India. This celebration is linked to the Hindu mythology and is at the same time a tribute to the many shades of colors of spring. Holi usually lasts a full day and night and as time goes by, with the excitement, it can get quite messy. 


  1. April fool’s Day 

april fool's day

Date: April 1st 2021

For some people, the first rays of the sun in March marks the start of spring. For others, Valentine’s Day is already a spring celebration. But for many, Spring really begins on the 1st of April with the iconic spring day: April fool’s Day! It could be renamed Prank Day or Forgiveness Day. Just by shouting “April fool” you can be forgiven almost any lies you have told that day. It’s a great excuse if you have always wanted to do something cheeky or tell something you’re not sure if you should. Don’t miss out on this good laugh spring day! 


  1. White House Easter Egg Roll for Easter holidays

easter holidays White House

Date: April 5th 2021

In the spring holidays and festivals list, you can not pass the White House Easter Egg Roll happening in the Oval Office garden. Every year on Easter Monday, if you are around Washington DC, you should bring your children to the White House to participate in the eggs race. The concept is simple: children have to roll eggs across the grass with wooden spoons to reach the finish line first. The winners get Easter eggs and other small sweet prizes. Next to the US President and his family, the main character of the festivities is a giant Easter bunny. This event is really an annual highlight of the spring holidays. 


  1. Songkran Water Festival

songkran water festival

Date: April 13th 2021

The spring equinox usually happening between the 19th and the 21st of March (depending on the year) is already a big event itself in many Asian and Latin countries. In Thailand, the celebration does not stop there. Following the spring equinox, you can prepare for an annual water spring festival called Songkran. In Thailand, this is New Year’s Day. If you were thinking of going out for a walk that day, know that you will come back home drenched in water. Apart from visiting a Buddhist monastery, and elders, the festivities especially involve throwing water at one another. Don’t be surprises to see people with cannon-sized water guns in the street. 


  1. May Day/ Labor Day, a highlight of the spring holidays

may day labor day

Date: May 1st 2021

If you believe spring starts after the spring equinox you may not really feel spring in the air in some countries until May Day. Not only the weather starts to feel like summer but flowers gift and decoration are finally trending. In your country, maybe the 1st of May is just one Spring Bank Holiday among others. In other countries, May Day is not a simple day-off, but it’s a big highlight of the spring holidays and festivals season. You won’t have to search long to find the many cities that celebrate this day like a festival with dancing, food, bonfires, wreaths, and picnics. 


  1. Cinco de Mayo

cinco de mayo

Date: May 5th 2021

This Mexican Spring Bank Holiday used to be celebrated only by Mexican. This day marks the victory of the Republican Mexican government in the city of Puebla in 1862. It has been celebrated since then with big street fiestas. First only in the city of Puebla, then it spread over the country and even crossed the US border. Now, in the United States, every 5th of May you can see the streets changing colors with Mexican-themed decoration and a few discounts on margaritas.


  1. Mother’s Day, a must to celebrate during spring

Mother's Day

Date: May 10th 2021

Mother’s Day is an unmissable spring celebration. How can someone be against a day to be even more grateful than usual to the woman who gave life to you?! The customs in many cultures is to gift your Mom with something coming from your heart. It can be a purchased item like flowers, perfumes, or anything you know she will love. But, it can be something more personal if you have planned it ahead like a poem or self-hand craft item. Don’t ever be embarrassed to tell and show her how much you love her, you only have one of her. 


  1. Cooper’s Hill Cheese-Rolling and Wake Festival

Cooper’s Hill Cheese-Rolling and Wake Festival

Date: May 31st 2021

In Gloucester, England, the second bank holiday weekend of May is dedicated to the Gloucester cheese-rolling, each year. When you hear “cheese” you may be thinking about a delicious meal, but this event is less innocent. It consists of a race between humans and grindstones of cheese, on a very steep hill. This is as dangerous as you may think and injuries are pretty common. However, these consequences have never been a reason not to hold that 200-year-old tradition to welcome Spring. 

Welcoming spring has been an important matter in many cultures for decades. Some traditions are more famous than others, but it does not mean there are less interesting. You may want to try out some unique spring traditions someday to have a good time with others or maybe to get a bit of good luck. The choice is large among the spring holidays and festivals. So, decide how you want to celebrate the come back of the sun!

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