Many people decide to continue their lives in Spain, particulary in Madrid. Almost everyone enjoy living in this sunny, festive and welcoming city.

Whether for study, work or retirement, moving to Spain is an excellent idea. A brief overview of the different reasons for moving to this country.

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The Spanishs : a welcoming and warm population

It is very easy to communicate with spanish people. Most of them are very welcoming and warm, whether among themselves or with foreigners. We feel right away confortable after the first contact. Foreigners living in Madrid report that they do not feel a level of stress as they might feel elsewhere. Spanish people are also very extroverted. They like to celebrate and know how to enjoy life to the full.

The Mediterranean climate

Spain also makes many people dream, especially the French, thanks to its Mediterranean climate. The temperatures are relatively high. The weather is fine almost all year round. You can enjoy a good swim at the beach at any time of the year and almost every month of the year. It is therefore not surprising to see many tourists discovering this country. The living environment is very appreciated.

A mutlitude of activities to do

A multitude of activities await you in Spain. You can ski, trekking, water sports, etc. Then, you can also hike up the mountain or take a walk in the nature parks. Finally, you can meet unique species here. Beach lovers are also spoiled. The beaches are very clean and the landscape is so beautiful. In short, all desires can be satisfied. There is always something we could do.

A rich and diversified gastronomy

Those who live in Spain enjoy a varied and healthy cuisine. Vegetables, fish, cheese, olive oil and red wine, which are part of their daily lives, contribute to their good health. As for the Basque Pintxos, garlic chickens, Catalan mussels, cochinillos… they are more than delicious. The restaurants in the country also offer rich menus full of goodies. All tastes are satisfied.

A varied culture

Finally, Spanish culture is rich and varied. It is the result of the mixture of different cultures over the centuries: Tartessians, Romans, Muslims, etc. To learn more about Spanish culture, you can visit the many museums, art galleries and castles in the country. Among the most visited places are the Cathedral Mosque of Córdoba and the Alhambra of Granada.


Before leaving for Spain, we suggest you take Spanish courses in Paris at Angelio Academia. This language is not to be neglected, as it is one of the most important and widely spoken languages in the world. By mastering the Spanish language, you can easily make friends as soon as you arrive.


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