Are you learning a  foreign language and plan to visit one of these seven countries soon? This article may interest you! Here is a list of 7 restaurants in 7 different countries that caught our attention. When you learn a new language, it is very important to understand its culture too. You need to get acquainted with its traditions, customs and, of course, food. We hope that you are not hungry because it is going to be delicious…


1. USA, Denver, SAME Café

USA, Denver, SAME Café

The concept of the SAME Café is simple – you pay what you can and get the best. At this restaurant, everyone can have a meal. You don’t pay but you make a donation. 2$ covers the cost of food. 5$ is an average donation and 12$ covers the cost of food, staff and rent. Those unable to pay anything can volunteer 30 minutes helping out in the restaurant. By the way, the menu changes every day!


2. SPAIN, Madrid, Restaurant La Favorita 

SPAIN, Madrid, Restaurant La Favorita 

Are you hesitating between going to the Opera or having an excellent dinner this evening? What if we tell you that you can do both at the same time? Sounds interesting? La Favorita is famous for its opera arias throughout the night, sung by professional opera singers disguised as waiters. You will not regret it!


3. FRANCE, Paris, Restaurant Le refuge des fondus 

FRANCE, Paris, Restaurant Le refuge des fondus

Going to Paris anytime soon? This restaurant invites you to taste a delicious Savoyard or Burgundy fondue, you will be surprised how good it is! The atmosphere is very authentic. Would you like to try wine-testing? Le Refuge des fondus will give you this opportunity. The only thing is that the wine will be served in baby bottles!


4. GERMANY, Berlin, Restaurant Good bank

GERMANY, Berlin, Restaurant Good bank

Berlin has a surprise for you too. Do you know what a vertical-farm-to-table restaurant is? Good Bank is a restaurant where the salad and vegetables you are about to eat are grown and harvested directly next to you. This concept avoids long cooling chains, packaging waste and transport routes. You should not worry, you can not get any fresher than that! 


5. ITALY, Rome, Ristorante Museo Canova Tadolini

ITALY, Rome, Ristorante Museo Canova Tadolini

This restaurant is named after the greatest Italian neoclassicism artist Antonio Canova. He was considered to be one of the greatest sculptors in history –  In these rooms, among those statues, one of the greatest artists of Italian history has walked and created. Isn’t it wonderful that you can have dinner and discover masterpieces at the same time! 


6. RUSSIA, Moscow, Кот Шредингера

RUSSIA, Moscow, Кот Шредингера

If you are not claustrophobic, be sure to check out Schrödinger’s Cat bar. This secret establishment can be safely added to the top of the most unusual restaurants in Moscow. The restaurant is located on the territory of a former bomb shelter, a few meters underground. This bar is also famous for its unusual presentation of its dishes. Author’s cocktails are poured into test tubes here, and instead of ordinary dishes, they use cans for fuel or boxes for take-out noodles.


7. PORTUGAL, Lisboa, Clube de Journalistas

PORTUGAL, Lisboa, Clube de Journalistas

The Clube de Journalistas offers something a little different to dinners. It opened in 1983, and journalists often used to hold secret meetings here during the years of the Salazar government. The magnificent building dates back several centuries and oozes history and charm. What can be better than having an excellent dinner in a historical building?


All you have to do now is to learn more words, find the address of the restaurant and order. We only selected 7 restaurants in this article, but the world is your oyster! New restaurants open every day. Be ready to explore them!


What was the most unusual restaurant you visited?

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