For special occasions like national parades, ceremonies, receptions, weddings, and funerals, all soldiers are allowed to switch their formal practical outfits to some more colorful and sophisticated designed uniforms. Every branch of each national Army has their very own personal uniforms. Some of them can look-alike from one Army to another. However, it exists in the world regiment that always stands out due to their esthetical uniqueness. 


1. Pakistan and Indian Parade dress uniforms

pakistan and indian wagah,

Pakistan and India have been enemy countries for years but there are still a few things that they have in common like their parade dresses. Both styles seem to have been inspired by peacock. Indeed, the particularity of their uniforms is the wide fantail hats: black for Pakistan and Red for India. Unlike many other parade uniforms in the world, you don’t need to wait weeks and months to see them during national ceremonies. In Wagah, one of the most militarized borders in the world, every day at dusk hundreds of people, mainly tourists gathered to admire the ritual of the change of guards. Dressed in uniforms, Indians and Pakistanis confront each other in a french can-can-like dance. They swing their arms and high-kicks to the blaring beat of patriotic songs and under the cheers of spectators. 


2. The Evzones’s uniform of Greecefantail

evzones uniforms

The Evzones, the name of the Greek Presidential Guard, is a group of Elite soldiers trained to perform various ceremonial duties. Their uniform is handmade and symbolizes the main battles that took place in the country’s modern history. The Evzones’ uniforms come in different colors. White for the most formal version wore on Sundays, khaki in summer, and navy blue in winter. Each part of the outfit has a strong symbolic like the Ypodetes – the wide-sleeved white shirt – which represents the purity of the national purpose. There is also the Foustanella – the skirt made of 30 meters of fabric – whose 400 pleats represent the liberation of Greece from the year of Ottoman occupation. Finally, the Tsarouchia – the heavy shoes of more than 3 kg – which is meant to simulate the sound of battle during the movement of the Evzones. 


3. Iranian camouflage soldiers 

camouflage parade dress 

When it comes to hiding Persian soldiers did not stop halfway in designing their uniforms. It seems that everything Mother Nature has to offer they put it on themself. These quite heavy uniforms have been made in different colors depending on which regions the missions would take place. Not a single part of their body must be uncovered. From afar the troop marching together is very impressive. However, when looking at them one by one, it is hard not to be reminded a few movie characters. 

Another parade dress focused on a disguise is the Taiwanese Navy SEAL, whose uniform design seems to be a tribute to the animal. With their blackface and dark swimsuit uniform, seals might take them as one of their own.  


4. Roman Military uniform

roman military parade

In the Roman Military Parade, most of the troops were outfits with a traditional touch. The Greek soldiers never play safe when it’s about history. Again, they took their attire to another level with what seems to be coming straight from the Middle Age. From their tassel-bearing red caps to their white stockings, old little sophisticated armors, they are certainly unique. Nevertheless, nothing can trouble those soldiers who manage to always keep a straight proud face. 


5. The French Foreign Legion

french foreign legion 

France, this country known for its fashion sense, knows how to make people stand out from the runways to the military parades. Between the butcher’s apron and the woodsman’s axe, the soldiers of the Foreign Legion Pioneers don’t look like people you should ever mess with. These troops are a unit of tradition like their parade dress uniforms. Today, they are mainly made of engineers. However, they still keep their axe as a symbol from the time this legion’s mission was to mount assaults at the head of all combat units to free the way from all enemies’ obstacles. 


6. Italian Carabinieri uniform

carabinieri uniforms

Designed by Valentino, these uniforms could have been quite random if they were not completed by a very colorful hat.  Contrasting with their blue sashes, no one could miss their arrival. Camouflage is not their goal. The Carabinieri is the national gendarmerie of Italy. They are a military unit whose mission is to enforce the law. Fortunately for them, this outfit is not their usual uniform. 


7. The Russian May parade 

russian parade 

We know that the Russian government has not a reputation to be a follower, but more a leader who does pretty much what it wants. However, it could still choke a little bit nowadays when you see in a national military parade, parade dress uniforms with high heels and mini skirts. Those are part of the uniforms of a unit of Russian fighting ladies.

It may seem like a unique case in the world, but right behind them, we can find the Chinese Air Hostess Army. Their missions have nothing to do with an air hostess job. Nevertheless, their parade dress does look-alike. Those soldiers bearing a rifle wear a light blue dress and a pair of white country-dancers-like boots. It could be quite unexpected for an apparent prude country like China.  


8. BONUS: The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh duo

British outfit 

The traditional British royal guard uniform is a famous one all over the world. With their almost half a meter high black bearskin cap, they are easily noticeable. The bearskins of the Foot Guards are made of real bearskin from Canadian brown bears and weigh around 1 kg. This hat is a vestige of the Waterloo battle victory against the French troops of Napoleon. Indeed, they were first worn by the French to look taller and more intimidating. After the defeat, the British adopted the towering hat. 

The Queen of the United Kingdom is now well known to have her personal style. Every of her appearance is symbolized by a new shade of bright color. When The Queen and the Prince Philip parade together, it is worth the picture. 


You may have understood by now that parade dress uniforms do not serve the same purpose as the usual camouflage outfits. It is not about blending in and some designers heard that very well…maybe too well. One thing is for certain, no one can doubt the dedication of those men and women after having paraded confidently and proudly in their quite special uniforms. 

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