Everybody has lied already at least once in their life. Little white lies count. If you state you have never lied in your life then congratulations because you have just added one more lie to your list. Not all lies bring troubles. Most of the time white lies are said to avoid trouble. Everyone knows the saying “honesty is the best policy”. It appears that it’s not that easy to apply in your everyday life.  White lies are so tempting sometimes even when they are not necessary, like with a friend. Actually, the truth is along with strangers and coworkers, white lies are generally told to the loved ones. 


  1. Phone lie

phone lie

Technology has made our life so much easier. Computers and especially phones have become an extension of our hands and brain. For some people, it even looks like it’s a real part of their body. The Internet and social networks have allowed us to be more connected. But how great as it may sound it can get burdensome sometimes. With the notifications and the “read” functionality, it feels like we are almost forced to be there for everyone all the time. If you have ever wished to escape it then you probably have told one of those little white lies : 

  • My phone died” to end a long conversation 
  • I’ll call you later” but you will purposely forget to do it
  • I haven’t checked my messages yet” when actually you read it from the notification bar not to open it


  1. Attention white lie

attention white lie

No matter how good your acting skills are, lying about being attentive is one of those white lies people can see coming from a mile away. This lie can do you more harm than good because it’s fine to ask someone to repeat her/himself. It shows that you actually care about what they say instead of trying to fake it. However, sometimes you can really be bored but don’t want to hurt anyone’s’ feelings. In those moments you may use these common lies: 

  • Oh yeah, that makes sense”, even though you have no idea what you’ve just been positive about
  • I’m listening.” If you have to state it then you were most likely not doing so.  


  1. Lateness


These lies about the clock are maybe the most common lies you can hear anywhere in the world. Why? because everyone has always been late someday somewhere. It happens even to the most cautious of us. It’s about that little issue that came up at the worst time or took you longer to fix than expected. And then, here you are late for your appointment. Not everybody is comfortable with that. This is why you may end up with those excuses: 

  • I’m five minutes away”, but you know very well you can at least triple that number
  • Traffic was horrible”,  but you usually take the subway so how did you end up in a traffic jam?
  • It was almost done and my computer just died on me”, now you have to redo everything! But it’s not like you really started and finished anything anyway.


  1. Pressure white lie

pressure white lies

“Yes, it will be done by tomorrow!”. In normal conditions, it won’t be done and you probably know it while you’re promising it. This work-related white lie is quite common among competitive new employees. You try so hard to please your bosses that you end up lying about your abilities. Not only you may be giving false expectations but you are putting unnecessary pressure on yourself. If you manage to achieve the goal on time you are safe for now but if you don’t manage, this lie could be more red or black than white for you. 


  1. Aesthetic lies

aesthetics lie

Lying is bad but if it can bring a little second of joy then some people consider it worthy. Humans like compliments, all kinds of compliments. It can be about their skills, their hard work, their personality, and their looks of course. No one wants to be called ugly, and sometimes people need to hear a lie. Therefore, if they put a lot of efforts into what they did or really love that outfit, you can tell them:

  • It looks great on you!” but you would never wear this yourself
  • It tastes really good”, but for this lunch, you are suddenly on a diet
  • I love it!”, not that much honestly 


  1. Sickness 


Humans are fragile creatures and this is the starting point of many little white lies about health. If you want to stay home, many people would advise you to just call in sick. Who would dare to come and check? So many techniques exist today online on the best way to fake sickness. And they can be ridiculously creative sometimes. Usually, when you are about to lie about it, it will start like this: 

  • I can’t come to work today, I’m sick”, sick from last night party or maybe for your date this afternoon
  • I’m allergic to this”, but just this one time because this dish does not look tasty at all


  1. Social lie

social lie

It’s not because you meet and smile at many people in your day that you like all of them. Like most people in the world you may have been lying to those strangers when you left them. Being fake sometimes is a very human attitude. Society expects people to try as much as possible to please others without showing some hypocrisy. This is not an easy challenge, in particular knowing that not all personalities match. However, it is recommended to have good relationships with everyone because you don’t know how the future will turn out for you and them. So, you can always use those polite and friendly white lies:  

  • It was nice to meet you”, but not so much to have wasted a lot of my time 
  • Let’s keep in touch” if you still remember each other in a few days
  • I’m busy that day”, and all the days you may offer. Truth is you are busy avoiding meeting her/him again, but this detail would not be nice to say. 


  1. Mood


Some days you feel like it and some days you don’t. This is how mood works. The thing is that explaining what is going on can be even more burdensome and tiring. So, until your mood comes back, using a little white lie seems like the best option. It is the same the other way around. When a loved one is low you must reassure and comfort them. Not all issues are easy to fix and some are not even fixable. However, this is the last thing she/he wants to hear right now. One more time you will lie:

  • I’m fine”, you are clearly not but this is so much easier than telling the whole story
  • Don’t worry it’s okay” if it was she/he would not feel down 


Stating that you are surrounded by lies would not be far from the truth even if it may sound a bit too dramatic. The average person tells a white lie three times a day, so do not feel guilty about it. The habit of lying is dangerous though because if you lie too much no one would ever believe your truth. Therefore, even little white lies must be used in moderation.

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