Valentine’s Day is around the corner and maybe you are starting to refresh your idioms about love for that expected love card. For some people, the 14th of February will be a day just like the others. for others, it will be a cornerstone to remind them how much they love a significant other. And for an increasing part of the population, Valentine’s week, post week and after week has turned into a great excuse to treat themselves with heart-shaped chocolate. There is something for everyone. If you are in a relationship you may have probably already heard someone quoting to you an idiom about love. 


  1. Idioms with animals 

idioms, animals love

Animals have often inspired many idioms. The topic of love is no exception. However, those idioms usually don’t include insects or wild animals, probably because it’s less romantic. 

  • Puppy love: when young people are flirting with each other. It’s generally temporary. 
  • Lovey-dovey: you must have noticed them. It’s those couples making an excessive display of attention. Some people would say it can be quite inappropriate. Truth or jealousy? 
  • Love rat: idioms about rats are often not meant to compliment someone. So, it’s no surprise that being a love rat means having an affair while in a relationship. 


  1. Matching partners

matching partners

Idioms about love targets obviously couples. In the past decade, the number of dating apps has risen up and they increasingly become more and more specific. People try to reach their soulmate based on common points like a hobby. Maybe, deep inside they wish to hear those lovely idioms. 

  • Match made in heaven: when you finally find your other half, you can’t stop praying for happiness because you’re in a relationship likely to be happy and successful. It’s God’s choice. 
  • Be an item: You can hide it as much as you want, your close friends will feel the item, meaning you and that person are having a romantic relationship.


  1. Having a date

dates couple

Being alone can feel lonely sometimes right?! Today you may be happy to have the whole bed for yourself but some days it may feel too big for you only. Do not worry too much, your friend may have some plans for you. 

  • To fix somebody up (with somebody): to find a romantic partner for somebody
  • Blind date: when two people who have never seen each other before going on a date, for better or for worse.  
  • Double date: two couples going out together on a date. However, it can be fun to mix it up with a blind date. 


  1. Idioms for break-ups

idioms for break ups

It can take a few tries to find the love of your life. It’s extremely rare to get it right the first time. As painful as they are break-ups remain good life lessons. 

  • To split up: to end a relationship
  • No love lost between them: when there is a mutual animosity between two people. It’s such a pity to end things like that. 
  • To walk out on somebody: to leave your partner and end the relationship. Sometimes it’s good riddance and sometimes they are walking out to better come back. 


  1. I love you

I love you

Love seems so plain and simple sometimes that you may want to spice it, be more original. Classic idioms about love sound boring to you so you would like to make your own. That’s a great idea the most personal the more lovely your words will sound. 

  • Those three little words: “I love you” and most of the time is sweeter than a book of love notes. 
  • Love at first sight: when you fall in love with somebody the first time you see them. However, most people confuse attraction and love. 
  • To fall in love with somebody: to start feeling love towards somebody. What a great feeling isn’t it? 


  1. Idioms about marriage

idioms about marriage

Marriage is the next level of love commitment. It’s not necessary but it always has a strong meaning. Some people are more ready than others, and some never are, but it does not mean there is no love there. 

  • To leave somebody at the altar: to decide not to marry somebody just before the wedding. It’s sad but if you don’t feel it, remember that divorcing is usually the worst. 
  • To tie the knot: to get married, through heaven and hell as they say. 
  • To pop the question: to ask somebody to marry you. You can get creative with your proposal


  1. Passion 


Love can make you feel like you’ve never felt before. It’s a beautiful feeling but also a dangerous one. Some people become crazy because of love. Those behaviors gave birth to some imaginative idioms about love. 

  • To be over the heels: to be very much in love with someone
  • To have the hots for someone: to be strongly attracted to someone
  • To be madly in love: to be deeply or extremely in love with somebody
  • Blinded by love: when a person is so madly in love with somebody that they can’t see the person’s faults or negative characteristics. 


Loving someone is far from being a peaceful journey. It’s a risk, a vulnerability but people often say that there is more to gain than to lose. You only need to find the person that will share your vision of love. Because, as some of the idioms about love showed, two couples are not loving the same way. However, before talking about how relationships work, you first need to be in one but confessing your love. But,  How to tell someone you like them?

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