Many Fast-food chains are nowadays internationally known. Their success is not only based on their concept but also on the way they adapt to other cultures. For some people, visiting a foreign country includes trying out a fast-food meal. Why would they do that when there are so many delicious cheaper local foods around? Because the experience might be very different from what you are used to, and especially the tastes.

  1. Customized tastes at Pizza Hut

fast-food customized taste

There is a saying that there is nothing you can’t put on a pizza. The fast-food chain Pizza Hut may be the origin of this saying. If you take the menu of all their restaurants in the world, you may probably cover all that is possibly imaginable to eat in a pizza. The concept is simple, whatever the locals like to eat, they will put it on a pizza. This is how you can find shrimp and coconut in the South Korean ones or a poutine pizza in the Canadian one. Let’s not forget the pizza with mac’n’cheese in Germany! 


  1. Spicier Fast-Food 

spicer taste

Not everybody can handle or simply likes spicy food. And for those who can tolerate it, they would probably not argue on the fact  Indian spicy is no joke. So, as a tourist, you would think that you are safe in India because you would always be able to find some big fast-food chains with familiar flavors. This is a clever belief except that you can cross Taco Bell on your options. Indeed, the chain made all its products spicier to fit Indians’ tastes. Now, you can’t say you did not know. 


  1. Same taste with less salt at McDonald’s

same taste less salt

The United Kingdom is not known to be one of the countries with the skinniest population. However, some effort is made, at least on salt. Eating too much salt is very unhealthy, as much as too much sugar or fat. Fast-food restaurants are not an exception when it comes to balancing health benefits and tastes. It is true that the Nuggets from McDonald’s would probably never be the healthiest option but they can not be the worst with half less salt in it than in their American brothers. 


  1. Dunkin Donuts signatures


If you hear “chocolate glazed donut” you may be thinking of the signature donut of Dunkin Donuts. This is because you are from the Western world. If you asked a Chinese or a South Korean what is the signature donut of Dunkin Donuts, their answer may surprise you. Chocolate? Vanilla? Hazelnuts? this is too classic! The sweet fast-food restaurants of South Korea were much more creative with for instance the grapefruit coolatta donuts. But, certainly, no one could top the Chinese dry pork and seaweed donut. 


  1. Fast-food tradition with KFC

fast-food traditions

As a western person, depending on your region, you may only think of two options for your Christmas dinner: turkey or seafood. Japanese also like to make this western celebration exceptional with something foreign like a fast-food meal. Indeed, in Japan, Fast-food chains like McDonald’s or KFC are close to being considered proper foreign restaurants. Christmas is meant to share good moments with your loved ones, not to spend hours sweating blood and tears in a kitchen. So, do not turn on the oven because the KFC chicken buckets are already there hot on the table.  


  1. McDonald’s can be fancy


Fast-food differences are not just about tastes but also location. In France, it is quite common to enter an old beautiful building when you go to McDonald’s. If you are not used to fast-food you may confuse it sometimes with an actual restaurant. But don’t worry, you can still see many typical McDonald’s buildings especially alongside the highways. Because French people are used to both designs, some people look at tourists funny when they start taking pictures in front of a fast-food chain. 


  1. Burger King only changed the name

changed name

The fast-food chain Burger King tried to take over Australia in 1971 when the brand partnered with Jack Cowin, an Australian businessman. The plan was to make Burger King’s fast-food restaurants pop up all over the country. Unfortunately, they were stopped when they found out that a private Burger King restaurant existed already in Australia (the name was still free of use there). Therefore, they had to use a different name and chose Hungry Jack’s, which still remains today. So, if you are feeling like eating a Burger King Aussie burger, head to Hungry Jack’s. 

Fast-food tourism is a real thing! If it’s of course not the main reason why people travel, it’s still interesting to discover it is considered to be a typical taste in a country through the menu of the fast-food restaurants. More than just adapting the flavors to tastes or legal limitations, you may make some surprising discoveries. Here is a list of unique products around the world.

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