wedding traditions

Nowadays there are plenty of wedding styles, from the classic ones following all the wedding traditions to the original ones. However, no matter how modern and conceptual you have imagined it, some wedding traditions are a must no one can escape from. Some of them can be surprising for foreigners but the charm behind each lire la suite →

unusual national sport

National Day, flag, and song, the identity of a country lies in many symbols. What else can differentiate one country from another? a National Sport! They tend to be linked today to the most popular sport played by a population. However, some countries have kept as their national sport some unique traditional practice. Others have lire la suite →

parade unique uniforms

For special occasions like national parades, ceremonies, receptions, weddings, and funerals, all soldiers are allowed to switch their formal practical outfits to some more colorful and sophisticated designed uniforms. Every branch of each national Army has their very own personal uniforms. Some of them can look-alike from one Army to another. However, it exists in lire la suite →

American Dishes 15

The United States of America is a very large country known for its movie and music industry, its history, and of course its own unique food. American dishes are as diverse as the population which is why it often looks like a delicious never-ending journey. From North to South, from the west coast to the lire la suite →

Behind every stone and under every roof of historical monuments, lies a piece of the history. These historical monuments are surrounded by myths and legends,  passed on from generations to generations. Sometimes, they are even more popular than the actual history of a place. So, let’s go back to the days where witches, ghosts, and monsters were part of everyday lire la suite →

4 O’clock in Kensington Palace rings the time for one of the most famous English customs: the traditional afternoon tea. If it’s true that nowadays having an afternoon tea is not very common in most popular households because of our contemporary lives, it is nevertheless still well-known and offered in every coffee shop and tea lire la suite →

What do you know about Australian food? Australia is not just incredible landscapes and dangerous nature since it has plenty of incredible dishes. We’ve listed 10 Australian dishes that will make your mouth water! 1. Vegemite Vegemite is a very famous Australian food. Foreigners often want to try it when they visit Australia. And most lire la suite →