Amusement parks – an incredible experience that everybody should try.  It will surely bring back childhood memories for a day and an awesome adventure! Thrilling rides and attractions are waiting for you. It has been hard to travel recently, but you can already outline the plan for this year. There are so many amusement parks lire la suite →

types of shoppers

Shopping is not everyone’s favorite activity. But when people do, you can easily spot some types of shoppers. Those behaviors are unconscious. When your shopping style does not match with your partners’one, shopping can end up being real torture. Depending on your style you can be a perfect shopping buddy or cause a lot of lire la suite →

Have you ever wondered what it was like to go to school in another country? Is it an all-inclusive school? What if we say that in one country children actually go to college? The school education system differs from one country to another. It can depend on many things. If you ever contemplated moving to lire la suite →