What do you know about Australian food? Australia is not just incredible landscapes and dangerous nature since it has plenty of incredible dishes. We’ve listed 10 Australian dishes that will make your mouth water! 1. Vegemite Vegemite is a very famous Australian food. Foreigners often want to try it when they visit Australia. And most lire la suite →

Colombia se encuentra ubicada en el norte de América del sur y es el segundo país más megadiverso del mundo, con una gran variedad de vegetación, de relieves, de ecosistemas, de climas y con una flora y fauna totalmente única. Posee alrededor del 60% de los páramos existentes en el planeta, está atravesada por la lire la suite →

English has a lot of idioms and a lot of them can be hard to understand for non-native English speakers. Below, you’ll find 10 idioms about money. 1. The colour of someone’s money When someone says that they want to see the colour of your money, they mean that they won’t do something for you lire la suite →

How much do you know about London? Here are seven fun facts about the capital city of Great Britain! 1. Polar bears used to swim in the Thames As surprising as it may sound, there was a time when Londoners would watch a polar bear jump into the water of the Thames. However, polar bears lire la suite →