Those who were born at the end of 80s – at the beginning of 90s can definitely say that modern technologies have changed our lives! Several years ago, we could not even think that the world could change so much. I remember, when I was 4 years old, we had only one TV. I couldn’t watch a cartoon that I was waiting for all day because my dad also wanted to watch a movie.  He told me that I should go to sleep. I was crying and saying to myself: “I wish we had a portable TV that we could watch even in the bed!”. Look what do we have now! Although then we haven’t had it yet, we have already had some other coolest things, that will make you feel nostalgic!


1. CD player 1982

CD player 90s

The first commercial compact disc was made in August of 1982. It has become a revolution in the music industry of the 90s and pretty fast has replaced the audio cassette tape. The CD was huge, but you have never felt so cool by having it! 


2. Tetris 1984


Invented in 1984 by a Soviet scientist, Alexey Pajitnov, Tetris has become a hugely popular and addictive game of the 80s-90s around the world in a very short time. A simple design, no fancy images, it still attracts gamers all over the world!

3. Home alone 1990

Home Alone

It has been 30 years since Kevin had stayed home alone! There is no doubt that you have wondered what you would do if one day your parents leave on vacation without you! Endless ice cream, a wardrobe of your older brother, traps for robbers that could come any minute – nothing had seemed cooler!

4. Nokia phone 1992

Nokia phone 90s

In November 1992 Nokia released the first mass-produced mobile phone Nokia 1011. The price was incredibly high – not everyone could afford it. It was the first mobile phone that was able to send and receive SMS messages in the 90s.


5. Friends 1994

Friends series

We have been watching their lives for 10 years and 10 seasons. We’ve been observing Rachel and Ross love-story, admiring Joey, Monica, Chandler and Phoebe. They have become our friends. The soundtrack is still breaking our hearts when we hear it… “I’ll be there for youuuu!” 

For English learners, while watching Friends, you can always turn on the subtitles options to catch more vocabulary.

6. Tamagotchi 1996

Tamagothi 90s

Having, feeding, playing and taking care of your own lovely pet, when he got sick or ate too much. It was a worldwide phenomenon that was released at the end of the 90s. You probably still remember that awful feeling finding out your pet has died while you were at school. How many tears have been shed? 


7. Titanic 1997

Not only Titanic was drowning, but all the cinemas in 1997. The love story of Rose and Jack make us cry for 23 years. One of the most romantic and the most tragic stories of a young adorable lady that was supposed to marry a rich guy, but finally chose love and ran away with a young painter. 


Do you feel nostalgic enough? It is incredible how the world has changed! Can you imagine, it has been 30 years since the 90s. 30 years ago we could not even imagine what awaits us. All the things seemed so modern. There is no doubt, all the things that seem modern now will become a reason for our nostalgia in several decades. 

What are the things from the 90s that you still keep? 

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