Do you celebrate Valentine’s Day? A lot of people think it’s only a commercial holiday. Whether you celebrate it or not, you may find these few facts interesting!

Americans buy over 58 million pounds of chocolate every year. It means that they consume 20% of the world’s chocolate and that equals 58 million pounds a year!

Roses – especially the red ones – are officially the “flowers of love”. Then, it’s no surprise that 189 million of them are sold in the U.S. yearly!

There’s a town called Loveland in Colorado and, every year, about 300,000 letters go through it to get a heart-shaped stamp cancellation for Valentine’s Day.

Paris is often referred to as the “City of Love” but that name is also given to Glasgow. This is because it is believed that a relic of one of the two St Valentines is kept in the church of Blessed St John Duns Scotus.

Valentine’s Day in Finland is not so much for romantic love. It’s more like a “Friend’s day”, during which people spend time and remember all friends.

Single people, widowers, and people who can’t celebrate Valentine’s Day with their significant other can spend it with their pets. Many go as far as to buy gifts for their furry friends. Actually, spending 14th February with your pets isn’t such a bad idea: they are always there for you and you know they won’t you down!

15% of women revealed that they send themselves flowers and other gifts for Valentine’s Day. Why, you might ask? The reasons vary: wanting to feel special and/or not lonely and getting a coworker to notice them.



Even if you’re not coupled up, we hope that you’ve found these few facts about Valentine’s Day funny. So, as you can see, people have different ways of celebrating Valentine’s Day. What’s yours?

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