Amusement parks – an incredible experience that everybody should try.  It will surely bring back childhood memories for a day and an awesome adventure! Thrilling rides and attractions are waiting for you. It has been hard to travel recently, but you can already outline the plan for this year. There are so many amusement parks in the world. In this article, you will find 7 of them. 


1. Amusement park in Spain – PortAventura World

Amusement park in Spain - PortAventura World

One of the most popular and biggest parks in Spain is PortAventura World. It attracts millions of visitors each year and is situated near Barcelona. PortAventura World is divided into 6 different worlds such as Mediterrània – the main entrance area of the park, Polynesia – one of the smallest themed areas, SésamoAventura – an area that themed to the Sesame Street characters, China – where the main path through the area is themed in the same style as the Great Wall of China. , México – where you can find a Great Pyramid that is the entrance to the Gran Teatro Maya, the biggest show zone of the park, and Far West – the biggest area of the park that includes nine attractions and themed as an old wild west town, filled with many western sculptures and buildings. 


2. France – Parc AstérixFrance - Parc Astérix


This amusement park is based on the comic book series Asterix! Situated near Paris, it attracts about two million visitors per year. If you are a huge fan of roller coasters, Parc Asterix is the perfect place to go. The park is also divided into 6 different worlds that will let you travel back in time to the Roman Empire, Ancient Greece, the land of the Vikings, Gaul,  Egypt and France from Medieval times to the 19th century. There are 42 attractions across the park, among which everyone will find what he is looking for. 


3. Amusement park in The Netherlands – Efteling

Amusement park in The Netherlands - Efteling

Efteling is not only the largest amusement park in the Netherlands but also one of the oldest amusement parks in the world. It was opened in 1952 and it has been working since. Originally, the park was divided into four areas called North, West, East, and South. In the late 1990s, the areas were renamed into ‘realms’. North was changed to Travel Realm, West became Fairy Realm, East became Adventure Realm, and South became Other Realm. In 2017 a fifth realm opened in the center of the park called Fantasy Realm. The attractions and decorations are inspired by fairy tales, ancient myths and legends, fables, and folklore.


4. Denmark – Legoland

Amusement park in The Netherlands - Efteling

The amusement park Legoland Billund Resort was open in 1968 in Billund, Denmark. An interesting fact is that it is located right next to the original Lego factory. Legoland is the largest tourist attraction in Denmark outside Copenhagen! For the moment, the park has 9 themed areas such as Adventure Land, Duplo Land – contains rides and attractions for young children, Imagination Zone – a huge 4D theatre, Knight’s Kingdom, LEGOREDO Town, Mini Land – the heart of Legoland park, that contains the 1:20 scale Lego brick models feature landscapes, sights and buildings from all over Denmark, Ninjago World, Pirate Land and Polar Land. 


5. Amusement park in the United Arab Emirates‎ – Ferrari World

the United Arab Emirates‎ - Ferrari World

Ferrari World is the first Ferrari-branded amusement park that was open in 2010. This park is a record-holder and it also has many awards. Ferrari World has the record for the largest space frame structure ever built. There you can also find the world’s fastest roller coaster – Formula Rossa, with a top speed of 240 km/h. Attractions are separated into several categories such as Roller coasters, Thrill rides, Family rides and Children’s rides. 


6. Germany – Europa-Park 

Germany - Europa-Park 

The largest amusement park in Germany is Europa-Park. It takes the second place for popularity among amusement parks in Europe, right after Disneyland Paris. Like all amusement parks, it is divided into different areas. There are some areas by countries such as Austria, England, France, Germany, Greece, Iceland, Ireland – Children’s World, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Portugal, Russia, Scandinavia, Spain and Switzerland. There are also thematic areas such as Adventureland, Grimm’s Enchanted Forest and Minimoys Kingdom. 


7. Amusement park in Italy – Gardaland

Italy - Gardaland

This park is located in northeastern Italy and was opened in 1975. It is situated right next to Lake Garda – the largest lake in Italy! In Gardaland, you can find anything you want. There are approximately 40 attractions, combining both traditional attractions and entertainment shows. All divided by areas such as – Adrenaline, Adventure and Fantasy.


This adventure is waiting for you! You just need to choose a direction and get ready for a wonderful experience full of joy and happiness! 


What is your favourite amusement park? 

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