Each year some wild world records are broken. Those news names enter the Guinness book of records next to other current champions and the latest challenges created around the world. You can find absolutely anything in it: from food challenges to extreme physical achievements. Some records are so impressive they may get you to think  “how it is even possible?!”. Others may be quite disturbing to the point most people wonder why would someone even want to do that in the first place?! 


  1. The math genius 

math records

Not everyone is good at math. Mentally diving 972 by 3 will probably give a headache to many people. This is not the case for the 700 children who have tried the last Time Tables Rock Stars. This is a time challenge where students have to answer as many calculations as possible in one minute. One of them particularly stood out by breaking the world record with 196 correct answers. With his three answers per second result,  Nadub Gill is already a champion at only 10 years old. 

  1. Van pulling champions

van pull world record

British soldiers are not less strong than others and they proved it again in a wild world record. In March, 12 soldiers of the 3 Regiment Royal Logistic Corps pulled a 4000 pound (1815 kg) van on 47,46 miles (76,4 km). The soldiers took turns every 10/20 min and broke the world record after 12 hours of sweat. 

At the end of the challenge, the captain of the soldiers admitted to Guinness World Records it was not that easy: « It’s been a lot more difficult than I think we originally thought it would be. It was hard, it was dark, it was cold, it was miserable. So yeah, it’s been a long night … As for the van, I never want to see it ever again. »


  1. Rubik’s cube and juggling

Rubik's cube record

Rubik’s cubes are already complicated enough for most people. But, why not add on top juggling at the same time?! This was the hobby of Daryl Dan long before he found out about the Guinness World Records. Solving a Rubik’s cube or juggling requires generally both hands. So, mixing the two disciplines and with one hand only, it is a talent! When Daryl Dan heard about the record to break he did not think twice. He wrote his name on the famous book with a 17.16 seconds performance. 


  1. Plank Wild World Records


If you have ever worked out you must probably be familiar with the plank! For those who have found a way to escape from it, it is a very effective and intense exercise. The principle is simple: you hold still on your feet and arms/elbows for as long as possible. The thing is that seconds have never felt so long before. For beginners holding a minute is a challenge and for trained people, after 5 min they may start to feel a little something. However, if you talk to George Hood, forget the minutes, the count is in hours. This retired police officer and now personal trainer broke the world records by holding a plank for not less than 8 hours!  


  1. The world’s largest mouth

largest mouth

Wild world records are not only about what people can do but also what Mother nature gifted them with. In Pennsylvania, a young teenager Phillip Angus was often made fun of by his friends for the size of his mouth. None of them could compete with him. And from what the Guinness World Record book says, no one in the world either.  A dentist officially measured the gape of his mouth, from the top to the bottom incisors. Since then, Phillip Angus can proudly hold his world record certificate next to his 3,75 inches (7,6 cm) long mouth. 


  1. World’s fastest pasta eater

fastest pasta

When people are hungry they could eat anything and never seem to be able to stop which can negatively impact your health. This is also the reason why it is recommended to eat slowly in order to eat the right amount for our stomach and still be satisfied. Michelle Lesco was not looking to be satisfied by anything else but a world record when she made an attempt at Oregano’s Pizza Bistro, Arizona. She now owns the record of the fastest time to eat a bowl of pasta: 26.69 sec. 


  1. Wild World Records with beer and ice

snow beer record

Among the wild world records, physical performances are quite common. It often requires hours of training and sweat, except for Jin Songhao who chose to break a record by sitting down and drinking a beer. The trick is that it was not during summer despite the fact that he was completely naked. Indeed, Jin Songhao made a cold endurance performance by spending 46 min in direct full body contact with the snow. This has never been done before and no need to have a medical degree to understand why. 

In 2019, there were a total of 53 000 records in the Guinness world record database. As you’ve seen those records are very diverse. There are many more areas of records like purchases or championships wins.  Anyone can try to break a record as long as an official world record referee is there to witness the performance.

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