Shopping is not everyone’s favorite activity. But when people do, you can easily spot some types of shoppers. Those behaviors are unconscious. When your shopping style does not match with your partners’one, shopping can end up being real torture. Depending on your style you can be a perfect shopping buddy or cause a lot of frustration. Therefore, it sounds like a good idea to be aware of what type of shopper you are. 


  1. Indecisive shoppers

indecisive shoppers

These types of shoppers are very common and probably among the most burdensome to shop with. You can’t argue that they are right to look up for information so they know the worth of what they are buying. However, it may feel like a never-ending quest to go shopping with them. They take ages to decide even on a product they have already tried! There always seems to be something wrong. They wish to have it all: the best product at a competitive price that matches perfectly their taste and purpose but it’s often not possible. The solution may be to let them research at home and then pray they won’t have many more options at the shopping-mall. 


  1. Showrooming trick


They are a real headache for retailers, especially small businesses. The issue with showrooming shoppers is that they try everything but they never buy anything. This type of shopper has even started a trend that made it worse. They try or ask for advice in-store only to go buy the items online from a cheaper competitor. Showrooming shoppers believe that there is no better way to know a product than to test it in a store. However, they are also well aware of our market works. So, once they find the best product they only need to search for the best price. Shopping is a strategy that requires an investment of time and energy. 


  1. Impulsive purchases


Forget the to-do list. Impulse shoppers or emotional shoppers buy what appeals to them on the spot. They have a vague idea of what they came to the store for but ask for too much detail. Their favorite answer is “we’ll see”. Among all types of shoppers, they are probably the least concerned about the price. If they like it and on top of that the salesman said it’s good then they will buy it. However, this shopping style is the riskiest financially-speaking. It can lead to debt or worse addiction if there is no self-control. 


  1. Mission-driven style

mission-driven style

Mission-driven shoppers usually don’t consider shopping to be a fun activity. Once there, they buy what they need and leave. They are often called need-based shoppers. They go shopping because they really have to, for example, to replace a worn-out shirt and don’t have any other that could fit. You may spot them with a shopping list. But, unlike some of us, they stick to it. 


  1. Educated shoppers

educated shoppers

Educated-style shoppers are growing in number nowadays. They look up online for what they want, so research, read reviews, and compare everything. Most of them know what they want in-store and only listen to salesmen to confirm their opinion or information. Their goal is to know the products they are buying almost as if they had created it themselves. They take time to prepare online for their brick-and-mortar shopping. Some of them might even feel uneasy or even guilty if they have to buy something on the spot.  


  1. Bargain-Hunters

bargain hunters

If you have a special talent to spot bargains from miles or weeks away then you are part of the bargain-hunters types of shoppers. These shoppers know the calendar by heart. They usually do go shopping to locate their items before any upcoming sales. They know where all the best sales are and don’t hesitate to use their coupons. Their motto is to get the best deal possible. Bargain-hunters are generally blessed with a strong patience quality. However, this love for discounts can become toxic if getting the deal is more important than the product itself. 


  1. Loyal customers

loyal customers

In this harsh world, retailers can still count on regular/loyal customers. They came again and again and often to buy the same items. They may be better options out there but they prefer to play it safe. If it works, why change it? These shoppers are basically retailers’ best friends, but shopping with them may feel boring. Trying something new, getting out of the comfort zone is not that bad from time to time! They may need to be pushed a little to accept that concept. 

Face to all these different types of shoppers, retailers are equipped with a set of targeted marketing strategies. The issue is that, at the end of the day, it’s not that simple to differentiate shoppers. Truth is that people can change style depending on their mood or the people they are shopping with. But, this is what makes shopping fun: not to know if you will dare to buy that thing you’ve been lurking onto. Who will you listen to your needs or your desires?

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