The accuracy of astrological signs descriptions and influences is highly debated. Those who believe in it can spot the different personalities of each sign among the people surrounding them. The others who don’t believe in it usually argue that the descriptions are too vague which is why they can be easily applied to everyone. If science has proven to us in many studies that the position of the moon can affect our sleep, it is yet to prove how astrological signs can define us. Regardless of opinions and cultures most of us are quite curious to know what the stars say about them. 


1. Capricorn

capricorn sign

Born between: December 22nd and January 19th 

Represented by: a goat

Qualities: It is said that people born with the Capricorn sign are ambitious and goal-driven. They can easily command respect. They tend to be quite charismatic and usually stick to their principals. 

Flaws: Apparently Capricorn people can turn to be very selfish and cold. When they don’t get what they want they may no longer consider you as a human being in their world. Moreover, because on one side they are very sensitive, on the other one they become pretty revengeful.


2. Aquarius astrological sign


Born between: January 20th and February 18th

Represented by: a water bearer

Qualities: It is said that Aquarius people are usually great friends. Very open-minded they accept everyone as they are. Very spontaneous and creative, brainstorming sessions with them can be very productive. 

Flaws: Aquarius people are apparently free spirits who hate control. Rebellious and independent they don’t like to conform unless they decide to with their very own justifications. If creativity is among their best qualities, it is also considered one of their worst flaws. Indeed, they usually have many ideas, too many ideas that for the most part end up forgotten. 


3. Pisces sign

pisces sign

Born between: February 19th and March 20th 

Represented by: two fishes 

Qualities: Pisces people are generally liked by everyone. They are very social and easily get along with almost anyone. No matter the environment they are often considered nice colleagues, friends, or partners. 

Flaws: Despite all their qualities, people from the astrological sign Pisces are said to have ugly flaws too. Indeed, if they are very supportive friends, deep inside they envy the success of others. Their frustrations can quickly turn into anger and are most of the time due to overwhelming jealousy. 


4. Aries

aries astrological

Born between: March 21st and April 19th

Represented by: a ram

Qualities: If you are looking for someone to brighten your day then you should get you an Aries friend. Among all astrological signs, these people are considered the funniest. They are usually very surrounded because their edgy and dynamic personality tends to be very attractive to everyone. 

Flaws: Aries people are used to being the center of attention and therefore have a hard time letting someone else take their place. When it comes to take and keep the crown they are ready to do anything. This includes the best and the worse. 


5. Taurus 


Born between: April 20th and May 20th

Represented by: a bull

Qualities: The astrological sign Taurus is all about loyalty. Taurus people are considered trustworthy. They usually put their loved ones in their top priorities. They are good listeners and give generally good advice, always thinking of the best interests of their interlocutors. 

Flaws: Taurus people care so much about others that it’s at times too much. Their extreme devotion caused them apparently to become very jealous. In addition, this sign is known to be quite stubborn and hardly accept people with different principles. 


6. Gemini astrological sign

gemini zodiac

Born between: May 21st and June 20th

Represented by: twins

Qualities: People born with the Gemini star sign tend to be good and fun friends. They always seem at ease no matter where they are. In times of trouble, they happen to be among the cleverest. 

Flaws: If you are a Gemini person you are said to love people but also to talk about them. Gemini people love gossiping. Moreover, they can tend to be self-centric and have a high opinion of themselves. If you argue with a Gemini know that they can be the sweetest to their friends but also have no pity at all for their enemies. 


7. Cancer


Born between: June 21st and July 22nd

Represented by: a crab

Qualities: It is believed that people with Cancer sign are very emotional. Little situations can turn out to be very dramatic from their point of view. They can feel people and their sensitivity makes them the most caring and realest friends. 

Flaws: Focusing on emotions is great to understand others’ feelings and not hurt anyone. However, this astrological sign has a hard time moving on. Therefore, it tends to live in the past and forget its present. 


8. Leo sign


Born between: July 23rd and August 22nd 

Represented by: a lion

Qualities: Among the astrological signs, the title of generous should apparently go to Leo people. When they love it’s unconditional and could do and give anything to please the people they care about. They also are among the most tolerant and patient people with those they have consideration for.  

Flaws: Leo people can be very moody and lunatic. When can hold in a lot of frustrations but when it’s too much their reaction to the actual problem can sometimes be exaggerated. When it comes to working with them, you will have a quiet nice day of work if you are not going against them. Otherwise, Leo people can become very authoritarian and wear you out. 


9. Virgo

virgo sign

Born between: August 23dr and September 22nd

Represented by: a virgin

Qualities: This sign is another very loyal sign. Virgo people are considered very altruist, always there when you need them no matter what. Even in a dire situation they will still answer your call and give you a hand. They usually bring out the sympathy of anyone. 

Flaws: Virgo people pay attention to detail and that’s why they are often appreciated especially at work. However, this can easily turn them into too picky people. In their relationships, they are praised for being straightforward people who will tell you the truth as it is. But, at some point, this astrological sign tends to overdo and be too judgemental. 


10. Libra qualities and flaws


Born between: September 23rd and October 22nd 

Represented by: a scale

Qualities: Libra people are generally easy-going people. Very open-minded they can socialize easily in any situation. They tend to have an extravert personality and stand out in a group. 

Flaws: People with the Libra sign are often filled with doubts which makes them very unstable. They are said to hesitate about anything and change their mind multiple times. They may also appear superficial to many people at first because of their love for aesthetics. 


11. Scorpio astrological sign


Born between: October 23rd and November 21st

Represented by: a scorpion

Qualities: If you belong to the Scorpio sign people you may be seen as a very attractive person in multiple aspects. Scorpios are hard to get. They appeared mysterious but this is one of the main reasons people naturally want to get closer to them. 

Flaws: Scorpios are not famous to be second-chance givers. Every mistake is seen as a betrayal.  As long as they appreciate you you are in good loving trustworthy hands. However, if you disappoint them once not only their reaction will be excessive but they may also become very cruel. 


12. Sagittarius

sagittarius zodiac

Born between: November 22nd and December 21st

Represented by: an archer

Qualities: If you have a Sagittarius friend it is advised that you gather as much energy as you can because their dynamism is hard to catch on. Another point on which you would have a hard time competing with is their enthusiasm. Often in for everything, especially outside activities, you will most likely have a good time around them. 

Flaws: Apparently being so enthusiastic can have a toll this is why this zodiac sign is often seen as very impatient and too bold. Sagittarius people tend to be risk-takers even when there is no need. Always looking for an adventure they seem not to know what the word “chill” means. 


Those qualities and flaws apply particularly to the people who want to believe in them. If you are curious you can find online countless resources detailing each sign behavior.  You can even take your research to the next level by learning about other cultures stars believe. Astrology has been studied for years but not the same way everywhere. A well-known neighbor of the occidental science is the Chinese zodiac also using animal signs. However, this one is based on birth years, not months. 

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