Autumn season (or fall for Americans) has started this year in the Northern hemisphere since September 22nd and will end on December 21st. For its beautiful colors or the multiple celebrations occurring this season, this “nostalgic” moment of the year usually pleases most of the people.  Autumn season rimes with many changes alongside the return to school or to work after the summer holidays. 


1. Autumn Moody weather

fall weather

The weather during this season is quite unpredictable. The transition from summer to winter means that you will get a bit of both plus a mix of them in between. In the past years, autumn has turned more and more into a prolongation of summer with hot temperatures. However, even if there are more sunny warm days, do not get fooled, you will still endure many many days of rain, cloudy sky, and cold wind hitting your face. In the northern countries, autumn acts as a little winter with its temperatures close to one of the winter seasons in many southern countries. 


2. Colors change

color change

One of the most beautiful phenomena occurring during the fall season is the change of the tree colors. The shades vary gradually throughout the season. Leaves turn from yellow and orange to red and brown depending on the tree/plant. The fall landscapes have inspired many famous painters like Monet or Van Gogh. Some countries like Japan often register a peak of tourism in autumn because of its gardens which seem almost designed for this season. 


3. Pumpkin recipes

pumpkin recipes

If what you see changes in Autumn what you eat does the same. New ingredients enter your kitchen like pumpkin and cinnamon spice. The options are endless among fall recipes. However, some have gained popularity in the last decades like the pumpkin pie or pumpkin spice drink. Among others, you can also try the sticky dates pudding for dessert, the creamy pumpkin pasta for lunch, or the pumpkin seeds brittle for your snacks. 


4. Change of clothes

autumn clothes

Autumn season usually rimes with leather, suede, but also jackets and turtleneck long-sleeves. Some ties and small boots are slowly walking down the streets. The beginning of fall announces the arrival of new fashion collections in stores and new trends online. For 2020, bright pop colored suits, nude from head to toe, and tiger prints should be in most wardrobes.


5. Celebrations for the dead


One of the celebrations people of all ages are the most excited about during Autumn is the day celebrating the dead. Depending on your culture the date and the name may change. The two most famous ones are the Mexican celebration on the 2nd of November called “El Día de Muertos”,  and Halloween on the 31st of October. The first one generally includes skeleton costumes and make-up and going to the party at the cemetery The second one is celebrated with any types of scary costumes, pumpkin heads, and candies for children. About Halloween, the tradition originated with the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain, when people would light bonfires and wear costumes to ward off ghosts. The tradition originated with the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain when people would light bonfires and wear costumes to ward off ghosts.


6. Celebration for gratitude


In the U.S autumn rimes with Thanksgiving on the 26th of November. This celebration is about being grateful for what we have: family, friends, love, money, job, health, and simply something to eat. The origins of Thanksgiving bring back to the 17th century when the religiously oppressed people of England moved to America. Those pilgrims who survived the deadly winter were helped by the Indian Americans. They taught them how to grow plants. The next autumn they got plenty of food and decided to make a big dinner to thank their friends. Most Americans considered Thanksgiving to be the most important celebration of the year. 


7. Celebration for the King


In Autumn the fallen branches and leaves can be added to the bonfires of the 5th of November. That day the UK gets light up to celebrate the safety of King James I of England. Indeed, in most parts of the country fireworks or more traditionally bonfires are set alight to celebrate the safety of King James I of England. What happened was that in 1605, Guy Fawkes and 12 co-conspirators tried to blow up the King during the opening of Parliament. The attempt, known as the “Gunpowder plot”, failed and bonfires were lit up that night. During the commemoration of this event, it’s not surprising to see burning effigies of Guy Fawkes into the bonfires. Those fires are also used to cook marshmallows while eating a toffee apple. 


8. Animal Autumn Storage


In Autumn even animals get back to work. They need to prepare for winter. Some of them already start to hibernate as winter approaches. Others like squirrels gather extra food or rabbits grow extra fur. For those who cannot endure winter, they migrate. It’s the case of many species of fishes and birds. Winter can be harsh. So some animals spent a lot of time during the fall to find the best shelter. It’s also the time to reunite to keep each other warm. 


From humans to animals, the autumn season affects everyone. While enjoying the moment you start getting ready for Christmas, New year, and the cold winter. These past years autumn has been quite nice with more warm and sunny days than before. This phenomenon is poetically called the “Indian Summer”, yes exactly like the TV Show. 

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