It is well-known that British English and American English have differences so does life in the UK vs in the US.  From where their mailbox is located up to the conversation of pound into dollars,  the UK and the US are not that similar. Even an themself feel like tourists or foreigners when they move to the other country.  And, there are many reasons why even though when it comes to people we can’t generalize to all inhabitants of course. 


1. British shyness

british shyness

It can be surprising for some people who have that picture of drunk, loud, and friendly British in their mind. But, unlike American, most British people tend to be quite reserved. They would rather bottle up their emotions, than talking about them, to get things done. Despite the extreme tabloids judgments, the common British will most likely keep their opinion largely to themselves. 

On the other hand American have a reputation of being brash, direct, and not shy at all. They like to share their opinions and their feelings. It’s a culture of being straightforward and an increasing wish to be confident and speak out. 


2. American sensitivity

us sensitive

The media regulation in the UK vs in the US tends to be quite similar on paper. Content deemed unsuitable for children are restricted on TV and radio from 6 am to 9 pm on British channels and until 10 pm on American ones. The difference strikes after those hours. Indeed, when the rule is lifted you will find more extreme contents in the UK. From foul language to nudity it looks like everything is doubled compared to what you could find in the US. 


3. Cars in the UK vs in the US 

cars in the UK vs in the US

The UK is always found very charming because of these old-times-like feels. The monarchy and history of the very old country still attract many tourists and immigrate each year. Brexit may have a toll on this but for Americans the challenge may not have about visas but more about cars. If you plan to move to the UK you might have to relearn how to drive. British cars are mainly manual. You can of course find automatic one like almost in every part of the US but cars with manual transmissions are widespread in the UK. This may change in the next… decades, so for now make sure you know how to drive both cars. 


4. Relationship with alcohol 


Alcohol is quite a daily part of many British people’s lives. In the North of the UK especially alcohol is involved in most activities. 

In the US a cocktail, a beer or cup of wine is certainly appreciated but as much as hanging out at a coffee shop. Getting drunk regularly is more one of those memories from College years but not a cultural habit. Some say the British alcohol crave may be due to the grey weather but no one has heard of people from New York in winter drinking like this. 


5. British close


Businesses closing hours are very different in the UK vs in the US. British ones close way earlier than their American counterparts. There is no universal time for the whole country as it differs in major UK cities but overall they do close earlier. This is especially true on Sundays when even big retail shops and supermarkets are closed by 4:30 pm. This could be quite surprising the first time if you are used to many American shops open late or 24 hours.  


6. Dating in the UK vs in the US 

dating in the UK vs in the US

A study from Insider has highlighted differences between dating in the two countries. Even though it can be generalised British people have a more one after one approach. They are also less likely to holla at people in the street. On the opposite side, American people need exclusivity to be confirmed since multi dating is accepted. Also, approaching someone in the street is a common move. Money speaking, British are more likely to split the bill than Americans. 


7. Housing 


If you plan to move to the UK from the US you should not ring too many things because you may have a hard time finding where to put them. In the UK, the average house is about twice smaller than the American one. This could be due to the size of the island country also way smaller. However, you may have your mail box in front of your house, and not in a separate area like most American mailboxes. 

These are only a few differences between living in the UK vs in the US. Despite their colonial past and language  in common they are two very distinct countries as you can read. You may prefer one accent more than the others but would feel more comfortable with the opposite way of living. Actually, this happens quite often since in foreign countries the British English is the one widely taught. However, outside school American culture is the one people are immersed in.

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